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The Last Sin of Mark Grimm

Created and Written by myself, The Last Sin of Mark Grimm, has been successfully published as an indie comic book by Silent Devil, and also licensed into one of the interent's first motion comics by Comflix.net.  Currently TLSOMG is being updated weekly as a web-comic and will soon be available for purchase on-line.

The Last Sin of Mark Grimm: the comic

Published by Silent Devil between 2006 - 2007.  Illustrated by the great Chris Moreno, the four issue series blended greek mythology and film noir in a tale of violent revenge.  Mark Grimm is a detective searching for kidnapped wife.  The hunt to save her leads him deep into the underworld both physically and metaphysically.  The first two issues of the series were sold out completely and were given a second printing so new fans could read the entire adventure.

TLSOMG #1 by Tommy Castillo

TLSOMG #1 by Tommy Castillo

The Last Sin of Mark Grimm: the animated comic

After the success of the printed tale, Comlix.net commissioned me to direct and animate the first issue of into a three part motion comic.  The process was time consuming but the result is quite enjoyable.  You can view the piece at comflix.net or just watch here courtesy the producers of comflix.net.  Our amazing theme song provided by the great Woflgang Parker.


The Last Sin of Mark Grimm: the web-comic

With only a handful of issues still available, the tale of Mark Grimm is being made available with weekly updates on thelastsin.com.  The entire series is being compiled into a graphic novel and sprinkled with some new nuggets of goodness.  Copies will be available soon on the site.

A streetlamp casts an eerie halo on Mark Grimm's rebirth.

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