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Comic Trailers

Comic Trailers

Presented here are a series of trailers I've made for various comic books.

The Mice Templar trailer for Bryan Glass and Mike Oeming:

This is for Tim Daniels and  Mehdi Cheggour's comic Enormous.

The music was composed by Ed Wrzesien.

A few comic trailers I created for the fine folks at Zenescope comics:

For Silent Devil, work based on comics/motion comics:

The Last Sin Of Mark Grimm: Motion Comic

In 2006 I was commissioned by comflix.net to create 3 motion comics based upon my own project.  The following was written, edited, and animated by me.  The awesome theme song comes from the great Wolfgang Parker.

These three chapters represent the entire first issue of THE LAST SIN OF MARK GRIMM as originally published by Silent Devil.  You can follow the rest of Mark Grimm's adventure HERE as a weekly web comic.