M. Sean McManus The Warped One, LLC


In one form or another we all work for the corporations, and in this business a great deal of my bread and butter has come from servicing the best of the best. Here are a few of the finest examples of my corporate work.

Literacy Partners

Literacy Partners is a Manhatten based organization that teach adults how to read. This video was produced as a tool too educate, recruit, and raise funds for the amazing and life changing work they do. For this production I not only edited, co-wrote the copy, but also directed and or shot large chunks of b-roll.

New York Life, Citscape: Behind the Scenes

The following piece is the behind the scenes story of one of New York Life's advertising campaigns.  It not only explains the "who, what, and why" of their efforts, but it also shows of the "how" of the campaign's very best moments.

The Prudential - One Prudential

One Prudential was an internal culture re-alignment with in The Prudential.  The following is a brief selection of one of several videos created to explain all aspects of the realignment internally within the company.