M. Sean McManus The Warped One, LLC


I've been editing professionally for close to 19 years now.  I'm well versed in Avid and Final Cut Pro, and have extensive experience using Adobe After Effects.  Check out some samples reels of my work below.  Below are playlists for each of the kinds of programs I've helped create, please visit each of the individual categories for a more detailed descriptions of each project.


I love making commercials, short, sweet, and to the point.   Honestly if you can't make your point in :30 seconds or less you don't really belong in this century do you? j/k



Creating televison is always rewarding, even if they run slightly longer than the commercials them up, they need to be just as engaging, sometimes a very difficult task.  I always enjoy working on tv shows because I get to collaborate with so many awesome people, many of whom are so interesting they deserve thier own shows just about them!



Creating a corporate production is just like working on a tv show or commercial, only more so.  The people are great, the projects are always challenging and let's face it- corporations rule.


Comic Trailers

Being involved in creating comic books I've come to know quite a few creators.  There is nothing more rewarding than taking someone's life long labor of love and cutting it down to 1:00 and adding some catchy tunes.