M. Sean McManus The Warped One, LLC


New York Life -  Mainstay Commercial & Pre-visualization

In addition to editing this final spot, I was also  able to participate in the pre-visualization of it using some of my after effects skills.

Punisher: First Round

In 2006 I helped my friend Corey Sosner create this epic fan-film of the Marvel hero, the Punisher.  Fan reaction was quite amazing; with nearly every one of them claiming that our take on the character was better than all three of the "Hollywood" produced features.

I arrived on this project after the principle photography and a first edit had been completed.  Once I agreed to help out on the edit, I eventually re-wrote the script, directed new scenes and pick-up shots to tighten the narrative.  I also re-edited the entire film, created the visual effects, and designed and animated the opening titles.


The It Crowd

This is what it’s like everyday when an editor like me walks in to your office.