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Operation: Get Rid of Pinky

The great guys (Matt Merz and C.E. Johnson) who have been hard at work on Operation: Get Rid of Pinky and I have unleashed a brand new trailer!  Also the boys have been running a very successful fund-raising effort for the project over at kickstarter.com.  Check out the trailer and if you like what you see please swing by that site and support locally produced film making.

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An Old Interview

A while back (October 8th, 2009) a good friend and collegue of mine, Christian Beranek, interviewed me for Newsarama--  Check it out.

Newsarama Interview

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Recent Strides

Yikes!  It's been a busy, busy summer.  Some recent projects I've worked on include, but are not limited to the following.

The pilot episode of a new series at Nancy Glass Productions, also I've been hard at work with the happy crew there on their long list of fine television programmes... Kitchen Impossible, Drill Team, and Money Hunters.

Additionally I helped craft a really neat PSA with the talented folks at Center City Film & Television and hope to be able to share some links to that project soon.

Last but by no means least I've also begun working on a locally produced feature film called Operation Get Rid of Pinky.  The new trailer we're producing for that should also be available very soon.

Sorry to breeze through this update, there is a lot going on and I've got to get back to work!

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Rockstar Games

Check out this project I helped create for Rockstar Games.  Life in the West part II:

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Television Updates

Slowly but surely making progress on this site.  Made some updates today to the television section.  Please check out my TELEVISION work.

Also been getting some great recommendations on Linked-In.  Thanks everyone!  Check out the recommendations.

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Way, way back in December of '09, my friend, fellow comic creator, and EIC of Zenescope Comics- the great Raven Gregory, asked me to make him a trailer for his creator owned project, THE WAKING. This trailer is the result.

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The Good Stuff

Good stuff in the works. Too early to talk about much of it but check back soon. In the meantime chew on this clip. The compression is a bit old and chunky but it features my favorite Zooologist in a particularly poignant moment.

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The First

This is the first post on my new webspace!

This past January I helped my buddies Bryan J. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming by creating this teaser trailer for their Harvey Award winning comic, Mice Templar.  Please enjoy.

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